Who needs the help of a DMM?

  • people whose careers make finding time for routine paperwork difficult
  • those who are unsure and uncomfortable assessing long-term financial needs (e.g., retirement, college, purchase of a home, etc.)
  • people who travel and are away from home for weeks or months at a time
  • senior citizens
  • people with medical issues that make it difficult to keep up with their finances

Within the senior client base, most have a need for DMM services due  to a physical change precipitated by the aging process, such as limited  vision, dementia, arthritis or other conditions that limit the ability  to write or follow through on tasks. For those clients and their  families, the DMM will eliminate the concern of missed bill payments  (and the potential impact on credit ratings), paying the wrong amount,  or paying multiple times. Others may be so active in retirement that  travel and social activities make it difficult to keep up with  paperwork, and they prefer to let someone else handle things for them.  In both cases, the DMM provides significant peace of mind.

Commonly, the adult child of a senior recognizes the need and will  seek the assistance of a DMM. This situation often happens when the  child feels unable to find the time or lacks the ability to maintain the  parents' affairs.

If I hire PRINCIPLED MONEY MANAGEMENT LLC, why do I need an accountant, lawyer, or social worker?

A PRINCIPLED MONEY MANAGEMENT LLC manager does not take the place of  professionals in the accounting, investment, or social service fields.  Rather, their work complements the work of other professionals by  facilitating completion of day- to-day tasks; organizing records and  paperwork; and preparing financial reports for clients' use in  discussion with accounting, investment, or social service professionals


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